Big Teacher Unions Stopping Pennsylvania Education Reform

Big Teacher Union Bosses continue to be the major roadblock on the way to repairing the United States’ educational system.  From state house to state house, forced dues funded teach union lobbyists lasso weak-kneed politicians into going along with their every whim regardless of the negative consequences for children trapped in government-run educational systems.

Stanford Professor Terry Moe put it succinctly: “the simple fact –and it is indeed just a straightforward fact — is that they are not in the business of representing the interests of children. They are unions. They represent the job-related interests of their members and these interests are simply not the same as the interests of children.”  And, parents are finding this to be true in Pennsylvania:

“When a layoff comes in Pennsylvania now, it doesn’t matter how they’re doing. Good teachers who are knocking it out of the park can be laid off just like somebody who’s phoning it in,” said Nancy Waymack, managing director for district policy at NCTQ. “I think for those folks who are really knocking it out of the park who may be lower in seniority when the layoff comes up, they may be more likely to look around and see if there are other (career) options that are more secure.”

The Pennsylvania State Educators Association opposes the bill, but its spokespeople didn’t return calls for comment.