New York Teacher Union Officials Injure Their Own

New York teacher union officials are standing in the way of education tax credits for private schools out of fear they will not be able to control or unionize private schools.  The bill could help even union-sponsored scholarships because it offers donors a tax credit for contributing to the scholarships that would even aid children of union members.  Read the whole story by the New York Post Editorial Board here.

The bill would encourage giving to union (and other) scholarship funds, by offering donors a tax credit. Grants from these funds would go to poor and middle-class families, including those who belong to the unions, to help them afford private and religious schools and so escape rotten public schools.

The unions are desperate for the bill to pass, because they hope to raise enough money to help as many of their members’ kids as possible. This weekend, dozens of the labor groups called on the Assembly to stop blocking the bill.

“Our scholarship fund is always under financial strain,” says James Lemonda, president of the Uniformed Fire Officers Association. The bill, he explains, “would encourage contributions” to help “assist the children of our fallen.”