Does NEA Speak for Members?

CEAFU has long known that the National Education Association (NEA) does not speak for its members and those teachers it forces into paying dues for unwanted representation.  A principal reason teachers become agency fee payors is because the teacher union supports causes these teachers do not believe in.   Tom Gantert weighs in on the NEA’s radical agenda with comments by Larry Sand, Executive Director of California Teacher Empowerment Network.

The National Education Association (NEA) donates large sums of money to several left-leaning organizations even while a large proportion of its members identify themselves as conservative, according to NEA’s latest financial report.

NEA also gave $235,000 to the Progressive States Network, an organization that works to promote progressive state-level legislation, and it gave $25,000 to Netroots Nation, which describes itself as “this country’s largest progressive gathering.” Netroots Nations is a political convention for progressives.