Teacher Strike on Pennsylvania District

Union officials called a teacher strike in Scranton, Pennsylvania on Friday September 25.  Scranton teachers who have chosen to become agency fee payors will lose out all around, to say nothing of the students and parents.  Old Forge, another district in the county, has been on strike for approximately two weeks.  Andy Palumbo has the story on WNEP.

The Scranton School district is one of the larger districts in our area with approximately nine hundred teachers and ten thousand students.

Scranton High School will be empty Monday, the same goes for the other 15 schools in the district. Teachers went on strike at the end of classes Friday. They said they will be on the picket line today, instead of in classes.

Teachers were busy Friday evening, handing out flyers at the Scranton High, Scranton Prep football game. Union members said the issues keeping both sides apart include money, the cost of health care insurance, and class size.