Betsy DeVos Confirmed As Education Secretary

Known for her support of choice in education, including charter schools and vouchers, her nomination is perhaps the most contentious one so far in the Donald Trump Administration.  National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers are known has her most bitter opponent, using terms such as “enemy of public education” to besmirch her reputation.

Stanford University Political Science Chairman Terry Moe, in his groundbreaking book, Special Interest:  Teachers Unions and America’s Public Schools, in 2011, predicted the dissolution of teacher union power by various forms of school choice and online education.

Robby Soave has the story in Reason.com’s Hit and Run Blog.

DeVos, whose vigorous enthusiasm for school choice and presumed support of Title IX reform make her one of Trump’s better Cabinet picks, encountered furious opposition from Democrats. Indeed, the left fought DeVos harder than they fought Jeff Sessions, Trump’s Attorney General pick. Sessions opposes criminal justice reform, asset forfeiture reform, and immigration reform, but knocking out DeVos was a higher priority for liberals.