CA Unions to Get more Special Privileges

California union officials are running scared about the possible outcome of the Janus case, but leave it to them to seek more power via the legislature. If you can’t get people to do what you want, just twist the arms of the legislature.  Joshua Pechthalt, president of the California Federation of Teachers, claims many agency fee payors believe they are actual union members, a laughable notion.  If someone is taking money out of your pay check, you are certain to know what it’s going to.  John Fensterwald has the story in

The governor and Democratic leaders in the Legislature agreed to include language in the 2017-18 state budget that will require school districts, cities and other government agencies to give their employee unions regular opportunities to meet and sign up new workers.

The Democrat-controlled Legislature is expected to pass the language, which is included in Senate Bill 204 and Assembly Bill 119, two of the budget “trailer” bills, on Thursday (see Section 2, starting 3555). It would require government agencies to negotiate the details of when, where and how unions could have access to recruit new employees; and to provide job titles and contact information for all employees at least every 120 days.