Larry Sand on the Greatest Union Entitlement

The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, of which CEAFU is a Special Project, has been fighting the injustices of forced unionism since 1975.   Official time is a great union boondoggle for public employee unions.  The taxpayer foots the bill while union officials conduct union business on company time.  These union officials also collect salaries and retirement benefits (as well as other benefits) as if they were actually working for their employer.  Check out the story in the California Policy Center.

Larry Sand gives a compelling review of efforts to curb that egregious union entitlement – official time, or release time.

Via weak-kneed and corrupt elected officials, unions have been taking advantage of American citizens left and right for years now. But in ever greater numbers, people are standing up to the bullies and fighting back.

Release time” is a practice that allows public employees to conduct union business during working hours, with the taxpayer footing the bill. These activities include negotiating contracts, lobbying, processing grievances, and attending union meetings and conferences. (In some cases, part of the expense of the union worker’s replacement is paid by the union.)