Pushing Bad Teachers on Good Students

Although the practice and the “rubber rooms” were officially abolished in 2010, apparently the inept teachers are still enjoying all of the benefits as if they were actually teaching in New York City.   Now Chancellor Carmine Farina is insisting principals employ these teachers. The article points out the futility of arbitration, as teacher union officials get to hand pick arbitrators.  Check out the story by the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal.

For decades the United Federation of Teachers has protected perverts, drunkards and other classroom miscreants from being fired. Now the union’s allies plan to put some of these teachers back in New York City schools.

On Monday the city’s Department of Education said it will require city schools to fill between 300 and 400 vacancies from the Absent Teacher Reserve, or ATR. This is the politically sanitized name for the “rubber rooms” where teachers who couldn’t be fired but no one wanted would sit from 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. collecting a paycheck as they napped or played cards. After a horrified public learned of the practice, the city abolished rubber rooms in 2010.