The AFT in the Land of Choice

Peter Cunningham comments on Randi Weingarten’s speech to her members on how school choice promotes segregation. Teacher union official don’t want anyone to be free to make their own decisions.  They force teachers to pay for representation they do not want and force parents to keep their children in sub par schools they do not want.  What’s the difference?

One of the oldest tricks in politics is to project your own flaws onto your opponents. Teachers union leader Randi Weingarten put this age-old tactic to use in a speech to her members last week, accusing the school choice movement of one of the most enduring shortcomings of the traditional public school system: segregation.

Today, one of America’s most segregated school systems is in New York City, where Randi Weingarten once ran the teachers union. As a recent fight on the Upper West Side of Manhattan shows, even white progressive parents resist integration.