Teacher Union Official Bemoans Political Spending – by the Opposition

Blaming the political spending of the other side – school choice advocates – United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) president Alex Caputo-Pearl attempts to explain to teacher union members how their union-backed candidates lost the Los Angeles School District School board race and “billionaires bought the election.” He forgets local teacher unions and the state affiliate California Teachers Association poured millions of forced dues into the election and ultimately lost.  And no matter how much money the opposition team poured into the campaign, at least the donors were not forced to donate.  Sal Rodriguez has the story in Press Enterprise Online.

 Alex Caputo-Pearl, president of the United Teachers Los Angeles, hasn’t learned anything from the trouncing of union-backed candidates in the Los Angeles Unified school board races this year. Speaking at UTLA’s annual conference July 28, Caputo-Pearl made clear the teachers union will continue to fight school choice and push for new taxes on L.A. residents.

The UTLA has tried to delegitimize the election by claiming, as they did the day after the election, “The billionaires bought this election.”rict isn’t in a position to be especially generous to the union.