TWO-FACED, OR OPEN-FACED? Exclusive Power is the Answer

Charter school teachers and other employees can learn about their workplace rights by contacting the National Right to Work Foundation for information and free legal advice, or consult their website at www.nrtw.org.

National Education Association (NEA) teacher union officials, in particular criticize charter schools, giving all sorts of reasons to not embrace them on the face of it. The American Federation of Teachers deplores them, too, but their voice is not quite as loud.  Behind the scenes, however both sets of union officials are making inroads to unionizing charter schools.  Mike Antonucci, in the 74million.org,  has unearthed a document by the Pennsylvania State Education Association which reveals their reasoning.

In public statements the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers say they aspire to provide the best education for students and the benefits of collective bargaining for teachers. But if we want a more complete picture, we can find it in a remarkable document produced by the Pennsylvania State Education Association almost 17 years ago.