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Joy Overbeck takes on Automatic Dues Deduction and Official Time

Joy Overbeck in Townhall, writes on how taxpayers are unwittingly spending millions to finance campaigns against politicians they may not agree with through teachers union dues.  School board elections are rife with teacher union money and candidates who are trying to return the school district back into the teacher union officials’ puppet, spending millions of dollars each school year collecting teacher union dues through the school district, funneling them to the national affiliate in Washington, DC, and eliminating official time, the practice of allowing teacher union officials to collect all the benefits of being a teacher while working full time for the union on union business.  With school choice and merit pay also in the arena, she takes on a long list of forced unionism issues.

In Douglas County, Colorado, the front line of the fight for school choice and vouchers on the SCOTUS level, Republican voters outnumber Democrats about two to one. Yet until recently, Republican taxpayers in this peaceful suburb south of Denver were unwittingly paying about $1.25 million a year to fund Democrats’ political campaigns.