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Florida Bill Could Free Teachers from Unwanted Representation

Florida’s cherished Right to Work Law allows teachers to join or refrain from joining a union in order to obtain or keep a job. However, teacher union officials still retain the power to force teachers in any district to be represented under an exclusive representation contract.  The bill is already facing much opposition from teacher union officials and their elected political puppets.

Florida House Bill 25, if passed, could free teachers and other government employees, from this unwanted representation by automatically decertifying any union in a district where less than 50% of the workers represented do not pay union dues. Check out he story on publicnewsservice.org.

Bills such as House Bill 25, by Republican Rep. Scott Plakon of Longwood, are being introduced in legislatures across the country. While Plakon claims it will add greater transparency to labor unions, opponents say it’s part of a coordinated effort to undermine the voices of public workers.