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Government-Labor Union Collusion in Oklahoma Strike?

Despite the fact that strikes are illegal in Oklahoma, the Cleveland Board of Education has approved a 3-day closure of the district’s schools to please teacher union officials. Leaving themselves an out if Governor Mary Fallin signs unspecified legislation, however, the deal is off.  No specific legislation is mentioned, and Governor Fallin has agreed to sign legislation giving teachers a $6,100 pay raise. Both the Senate and House have passed the bill. Brandi Ball has the story in the Cleveland American.

A special meeting held at the Cleveland Intermediate School gym on Monday evening drew about 120 teachers and staff. During the meeting, which was held in accordance with the Open Meeting Act, superintendent Aaron Espolt gave a 50-minute presentation to the school board. It appeared to be much of the same information he presented to teachers and support personnel in a staff meeting on March 16.

Board members present – Danny Ward, Richard Forbes, Terry Spears and Trudy Swalley  – voted 4-0 to accept Espolt’s recommendation of a three-day closure if the walkout moves forward. They moved to allow Espolt to make the decision to close school on April 2, 3, 4, if necessary. According to Espolt, if there is legislation signed by the governor by Friday, March 30, then Cleveland Public Schools will not participate in the walkout and school will go forward as scheduled.