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In New Mexico, Bargaining for the Common Bad

National Education Association (NEA) teacher union officials in New Mexico have really stepped into a fray this time. If there ever was an argument for merit pay, and an argument against forcing teachers to pay dues for unwanted union representation, Supreme Court Justices have to look no further than New Mexico.  Since when is wanting more money “wildly unpopular?”  New Mexico NEA president Betty Patterson wants to ensure teachers get paid less?  Is this a new strike strategy?   Mike Antonucci has the story.

“At issue in Janus is whether non-union members, who share in the wages, benefits and protections that have been negotiated into a collectively bargained contract, may be required to pay their fair share for the cost of those negotiations.” – from a January 18, 2018 National Education Association press release.

New Mexico is a unique state for teacher unions and agency fees. State law makes agency fees a “permissive subject of bargaining” but does not require them. At last check, NEA had no agency fee-payers in New Mexico. I don’t know about AFT.