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True Educational Freedom Doesn’t Come About With Strikes

Everyone knows attendance at school is mandatory, at least for students. The spate of strikes could cause parents to look more favorably on school choice as a result of schools being closed and teacher attendance becoming unreliable.  That is to say nothing of school administrators who colluded with teacher union officials to bring these strikes off by closing schools ahead of a potential strike.  Rachel Tripp explores the effect these strikes could have on school choice in the Daily Caller.

In Oklahoma, over 500,000 students are out of school while teachers from over 172 school districts march on the state capitol to demand higher salaries and increased funding for public schools statewide. The Oklahoma Education Association, which has over 40,000 members, is seeking more than $800 million in additional funding. The strike began as planned on April 2, and forty-eight districts plan to strike indefinitely until a deal can be reached.

This strike is just the latest in a string of similar instances that have sprung up in the last month.