Union Officials Facing Class Action Suits in Janus Wake

Public employees across the nation are instituting class action lawsuits against union officials in the wake of an expected Janus decision.  The lawsuits will demand refunds for forced dues and fees already paid.  Bill Mc Morris has the story in the Free Beacon.

Patrick Semmens, a spokesman at the National Right to Work Foundation, which represented the Janus plaintiffs before the Supreme Court, said such suits may send a warning to unions tempted to work around the Supreme Court’s decision. He expects such cases to spread in other states if the justices rule in favor of the plaintiffs.

“As we’ve seen in assisting workers exercise their rights in new Right to Work states, union bosses will fight tooth and nail against letting [them] exercise their rights to stop funding a union they disagree with,” Semmens said. “So we expect that a Supreme Court ruling for Mark Janus will likely make necessary numerous new cases brought by state workers across the country seeking to enforce their First Amendment rights.”