Blaming Janus for Members’ Dropping Out? Blame Yourselves!

Teachers union officials are blaming the Janus decision for just about everything but global warming.  Maybe it’s time to look at what they’re making teachers support and realize perhaps they should be blaming themselves for declining membership.  Big surprise.  Not everyone supports their radical agendas.  And bringing down wrath on the heads of the so-called 1% when their top brass are among those one-percenters, well that’s just downright hypocritical.

Janus has brought teachers the freedom to determine whether or not they wish to support the candidate of their union’s choice instead of their own choice. In the wake of that decision, unions seem to be leaning towards even more left-leaning ideals.  Now the AFT has passed a resolution determined to endorse only candidates who embrace certain ideas which have little to do with the quality of education.  Many teachers must be relieved to find they will not have to support those candidates with forced dues now.  Hunter Lovell has the story on the

The resolution was unanimously accepted by delegates at the AFT national convention in Pittsburgh. AFT representatives called on AFT-endorsed candidates to support its agenda of cost-free child care, free tuition at public colleges and universities, universal health care, and more school funding for low-income school districts. They also passed a requirement for questionnaires to be handed out to endorsement-seeking candidates to measure their level of support on AFT’s priorities.