Educators’ Janus Rights Questions Answered Live July 31st

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Now, we have Janus Rights, but what does that actually mean?

On Tuesday, July 31, CEAFU hosts a Janus Rights Q & A with Milton Chappell.

After the National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation’s Janus v. AFSCME victory, many questions have arisen regarding individual situations, as well as questions how extensive are the newly-won Janus Rights.

Milton Chappell, well respected legal expert and a member of the National Right To Work Legal Foundation’s team that wrote the Janus brief and argued the case, will provide answers to your questions.

Before Most Teachers Go Back to Answering Students Questions, We’d Like To Help Answer Yours

Submit your questions below, and National Right To Work Staff Attorney Milton Chappell will answer your question live on YouTube,  July 31st at 3PM (Eastern).

Should your question require a confidential response, a member of the National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation team will contact you privately to provide confidential follow-up.

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