Randy, Eliza your Hypocrisy is Showing

Unprecedented numbers of educators are running for public office.

Some 300 AFT members and retirees are running for office in more than 20 states, Weingarten says, triple the usual crop. The National Education Association has also seen skyrocketing interest in its nascent “See Educators Run” candidate training program, which has trained 120 would-be candidates, and is expanding its focus from municipal to state elections to meet teachers’ demands.

And Randi Weingarten’s demands are the most hypocritical. Although they have engineered themselves, through monopoly bargaining and other subterfuge, into a position to use teacher mailboxes, those mailboxes belong to the school, not teacher union officials. Teacher union officials are making sure compulsory unionism is not dead, and inviting more cases to be brought before the highest court of the land.

Any worthwhile union does not have to force teachers to participate.   Any union that must force teaches to pay up does not deserve any members.

A lesson worth learning, Randi:  no one’s attempting to kill unions, only give teachers the freedom to associate, or the right to refrain.