When Will They Ever Learn?

So-called “radical” teachers push ever harder for more militancy and a more radical agenda, especially after the Janus decision has freed teachers from being forced to pay union dues equivalent.  But they are threatening to push for issues  that have little or nothing to do with education, at least improving education.  And, of course, their most dangerous weapon is strikes.  When will they ever learn?  Will there ever be any time to teach the children?  With all this talk of strikes (and we know strikes close schools) when will the children ever learn?  Scott Heine has the story on Splinter.

Alex Caputo-Pearl, president of the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA), stood at the microphone. Caputo-Pearl leads 35,000 unionized public school teachers and has been negotiating with the Los Angeles Unified School District for 14 months with no deal in sight. After acknowledging the recent teacher strikes in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Arizona, he made it very clear that his workforce, which teaches over 600,000 kids every year, is on the verge of walking out this fall.