Indiana Union Prez Goes on Spending Spree

The Indianapolis Education Association (IEA) president has been accused of “mishandling” 100,000.00.  Teachers in Indiana have been protected by a Right to Work law since 1993 so they are free to refrain from union membership.   Indiana teachers looking for professional membership may contact Indiana Professional Educators at

Shaina Cavazos, Chalkbeat Indiana and Stephanie Wang, Chalbeat Indiana have the story in the Indianapolis Business Journal.

The Indiana State Teachers Association investigation came after a member of the district union filed a complaint with the state union in June over how Rhondalyn Cornett operated the group. An audit completed this week “indicates serious financial mismanagement and misappropriation,” a statement from an ISTA spokeswoman said.

ISTA’s investigation discovered that Cornett had used her IEA debit card to withdraw about $100,000 in cash for personal use, spokeswoman Kim Clements-Johnson said. She said there were also additional debit card transactions that could not be accounted for, but she declined to elaborate on the amount of those expenses. The money in question has not been recovered, Clements-Johnson said.