Los Angeles School District Wants Kids in School During Strike

Los Angeles School District officials want students to attend school during a possible upcoming strike.  Speakupparents.org has the story.

LAUSD expects parents to send their kids to school during a strike, but parents are still uncertain exactly what will happen once they get there. Will they have to parade their young children through picket lines of shouting teachers? How many adults will be supervising their kids, and what will they be doing at school all day? These are just a few of the questions district parents are asking two months before a strike may take place.

The district recently published a Family Resource Guide to help families better understand what’s happening with labor negotiations and what plans the district has in place for kids during a strike. For instance, schools will remain open, and kids will be expected to attend school as usual. Those who receive breakfast in the classroom and free and reduced lunch will continue to be fed, and “instruction will be provided by qualified L.A. Unified staff, which includes certificated and classified staff, qualified substitute employees, or reassigned administrators,” the guide says.