Denver Strike to Begin Monday

Colorado Governor Jared Polis refused to intervene so Denver teacher union officials are calling a strike to begin on Monday, the first since 1994.  The call for state intervention  has supposedly kept the strike from occurring for weeks.  Insisting they will keep all schools open during the strike, Denver Public Schools goes on to admit early childhood education classes will be cancelled, and there will be disruptions.

Elizabeth Hernandez has the story in the Denver Post, with Nic Garcia contributing.

The principal issue, of course, is salaries and current compensation schedules.

[Superintendent  Susan] Cordova warned parents Wednesday that if teachers walk out of their classrooms next week, Denver’s schools will be noticeably different.

“It’s not going to look like typical school,” Cordova said. “We want to be honest about that. School will not look and feel the same way. It’s never normal when you go into a school and your teacher isn’t there. Obviously, there will be disruptions. If we have teachers on a picket line outside, that will be a disruption. I think we will experience the kinds of things we’ve seen around the country when there have been teacher strikes.”