Did Janus Decision Free Teachers?

Research suggests, that since the National Right to Work Legal  Defense  Foundation-won Janus Supreme Court decision, and found the data reflect a substantial drop in union membership since last June.

But a quick analysis of the 2017 and 2018 state union membership statistics posted on the Union Membership and Coverage Data Base, a web site launched and maintained by labor economists Barry Hirsch and David Macpherson, indicates that Big Labor has failed to convert conscripted dues and fee payers into voluntary members post-Janus.

The Hirsch-Macpherson data, which are compiled from estimates furnished by the U.S. Labor Department’s Current Population Survey, show that, in the 21 states that statutorily authorized and promoted forced financial support for all or nearly all government unions pre-Janus, there were a total of 5.45 million unionized civil servants in 2017. Under state laws governing them at that time, these employees had to pay dues or fees to the union wielding monopoly-bargaining privileges in their workplace, or be fired.