UTLA Strike: The Bad Reviews Just Keep Coming Part 2

Larry Sand’s poignant review of the United Teachers of Los Angeles’ union strike continues.

Serious education reformers? They, too, gave UTLA’s theatrics zero stars. As Chris “Citizen” Stewart solemnly notes, “I look at this and other teacher tantrums with a stoic gaze because between yesterday and today nothing material has changed for the undereducated children of Los Angeles.”  Stewart and others who are truly concerned with improving our dismal education results realize that the strike did nothing to actually improve things for thousands of kids who desperately need better educators. Getting rid of underperforming teachers and eliminating the quality-blind seniority system that infects public education are union non-starters.

And talk about unhappy, the taxpayer’s turn is a-comin.’ UTLA and other unions will be campaigning for a $600 parcel tax which would raise $500 million a year.