Teacher Union Officials Sponsor Rally in Indiana

Attempting to call attention to the deconstruction of most of their monopoly bargaining power, Indiana teacher union officials are calling for a show on Saturday at the state Capitol building.  Although Indiana has had Right to Work for teachers since 1993, last year’s National Right to Work Legal Foundation-won Janus case and the reining in of union monopoly power in Indiana has teacher union officials there unsure of their future.  The prospect of a poor showing of legislators does not seem to have daunted teacher union officials.   Meredith Colias-Pete has the story in the Chicago Tribune.

Under Indiana law, teacher strikes are officially prohibited — like other Republican states where they have recently happened over issues like salaries, classroom resources, pensions, support staff pay.

Former Rep. Tim Skinner, D-Terre Haute, an ex-teacher, recently told his hometown newspaper that he felt that approach was a mistake.