Blue Valley Education Association Disaffiliates from NEA

Disaffiliation from parent unions is not a new practice by any means, but seems to be gaining momentum. Realizing the union practice of a unified membership structure would benefit the NEA, in 1972 officials began a unification membership program whereby all state and local affiliates must affiliate with the national NEA.  One example is the massive Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA), which refused the “offer”.  MSTA has since been an independent organization whose membership numbers have almost always outstripped the NEA and American Federation of Teachers (AFT) affiliates in the Show Me State.  By the 1975-1975 school year all other states had adopted the unified membership structure, a union practice which greatly benefited the national NEA, allowing them to exact tribute at every level.  As Mike also points out, the Blue Valley Education Association did not lose its status as exclusive representative.

Now Mike Antonucci has the story about the Blue Valley Education Association disaffiliating from the NEA in Kansas on the

The latest in a series of local affiliates to drop their connection to state and national unions is the Blue Valley Education Association in Kansas. It represents some 1,800 certified staff in the state’s fourth-largest school district.

BVEA cut its ties to the National Education Association and Kansas NEA in May 2018. As is their usual policy in such cases, the state and national unions created a new, competing affiliate, called Blue Valley NEA.