Make No Mistake About It – They’re Union Privileges

A dangerous Illinois bill attempts to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.  It would bind employees to paying unwanted union dues with no escape except for a few days every year with automatic renewal if the member fails to respond during those few days.  What kind of rights are those?  THEY ARE UNION privileges to keep members paying for a service they no longer want!  Employees encountering this sort of union resistance may wish to contact the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation or visit for more information.

Cole Lauterbach has the story in

The legislation filed Thursday by state Rep. Jay Hoffman, D-Swansea, would allow a public sector employee to sign into an agreement with their representing union that would only allow them to withdraw from that union during a window of as few as 10 days over a period of time. It deems a year window as “reasonable.” Membership also could automatically renew unless the union member takes action within that brief window to withdraw.

“House Floor Amendment No. 1 to Senate Bill 1784 is an initiative that would give employees rights in light of the recent Janus decision,” Hoffman said in committee late Thursday night, referencing the U.S. Supreme Court decision that ended forced union fees as a condition of employment for public workers.