NEA Promotes Itself – For Better or Worse

Mike Antonucci reveals how NEA teacher union officials promote NEA values and why the media believe teacher unions speak for all teachers in his latest Union Report, including the actual NEA report on

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Each year, members of the National Education Association contribute $8 of their dues money to the union’s media fund. NEA spends most of it on national public relations campaigns and the rest is doled out in the form of grants to state affiliates that apply for them.

But I want to draw your attention to the specific campaigns of the national union. Their general purpose is “to advance the cause of public education and publicize the role of the association and its affiliates in improving the quality of public education.” In 2004 the union used the entire contents of the fund — $4 million — to create a front group called Communities for Quality Education that ran ads against the No Child Left Behind Act, largely without revealing its union origins and funding.