California School Administrators Live in CTA’s Pocket

Some California school administrators should be ashamed of themselves.  Perhaps they secretly wished they actually worked for teacher unions and not the hardworking taxpayers they actually do work for.  They certainly are not working for the hard working teachers of California pulling antics like this.  No one is ignorant enough to believe California is the only state where teacher union officials and district administrators stooped to such lowbrow collusion.

Will Swaim has the story in the Orange County  Register.

Public school officials, politicians and teacher union leaders are working secretly to make sure California teachers don’t understand their workplace rights — in several cases even deleting email from teachers’ inboxes.

The information-suppression effort is revealed in multiple government documents obtained by the California Policy Center. In email exchanges on May 23, 2018, the documents show, Santa Ana teachers union President Barbara Pearson worked with technology staff in her district to block and delete any email encouraging teachers to resign their union membership.