Teacher Union Officials Unhappy with Board’s Strike Preparations

Striking teacher union officials sure don’t like others doing their job for them.  Children need to be educated and parents need to know their children are safe and learning while school is in session.  Children’s lives are disrupted because teacher union officials feel that need to leave their job to on strike.  The Columbus, Ohio Board of Education is thinking ahead, contracting a firm to provide an education for its students should a strike arise over monopoly bargaining contract negotiations.

Teachers who do not wish to participate in the possible strike are welcome to exercise their Janus rights and resign union membership.  Learn how to resign fully and lawfully at myjanusrights.org

Alissa Widman Neese has the story in the columbusdispatch.com.

The Columbus Board of Education unanimously agreed Tuesday to hire a staffing firm to prepare for the possibility of a teachers strike, and union members and supporters wasted no time in making their opposition known.

Dozens of Columbus Education Association members lined the sidewalk outside the district’s administrative offices Downtown before the start of the board meeting, holding signs opposing “scabs,” chanting and encouraging cars to honk horns in support of teachers.