NEA Affiliates May Soon Have to Make Finances Public

Mike Antonucci explains how National Education Affiliates (NEA) may soon have to file financial disclosure reports (LM-2 reports) with the U. S. Department of Labor because they represent private sector employees.   The LM-2 form is a virtual window into a union’s finances, itemizing how much revenue they take in as well as sources, and details of disbursements.

Currently a few affiliates must already file LM-2’s, along with the national affiliate in Washington, DC.  The new ruling would require all affiliates to file.  Public sector employees are covered by the laws pertaining in their individual states, while private sector employees are covered under the federal Landrum-Griffin Act of 1959.   Check out the story on and learn more about the LM-2 form on

Dozens of National Education Association state affiliates may find themselves subject to detailed financial disclosure requirements if a new regulation is put into effect. That regulation is the “intermediate bodies” rule, which would extend to midlevel public-sector unions reporting regulations that currently apply to private-sector unions. The U.S. Department of Labor forwarded the rule to the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs on Aug. 9 for final review.