Separating Teacher Union Official Business and Members’ Special Interests

Kenneth Garger of the New York Post reports on official boundary-crossing by Chicago Teacher Union (CTU) members, one a member of the Executive Board, and the reaction of other members, to that recent trip to Venezuela.  Apparently the official CTU Twitter account was used during the trip.  Some members are not happy with certain members using CTU official privileges and purporting to speak for the whole union.

Of course, those members who are not happy with their membership may resign at any time and still retain most rights, thanks to the National Right to Work Legal Foundation’s landmark Janus Decision.  For more information on resigning your unwanted union membership, click here.

A group of members from the Chicago Teachers Union has come under fire for crowdfunding a summer trip to Venezuela where they praised the socialist country and its leadership while denouncing socioeconomic conditions in The Windy City, according to a report.