Nevada: Another Strike Threat Courtesy of Monopoly Bargaining

The situation in Nevada, where public sector strikes are illegal Clark County Education Association teacher union officials have hung the threat of a back to school strike over the Superintendent’s and district’s head all summer long.  The School Administrator’s union is also spoiling for a fight.  All of this would be a moot point if monopoly bargaining were not a practice in Nevada.  It’s all about the contract and the power unions wield with it and school administrators who are unable to stand up to the pressure of monopoly bargaining privileges.  Check out the Las Vegas Journal Review editorial on the debacle.

As a new school year begins, teachers throughout the Clark County School District are working to establish their authority in the classroom. If students don’t respect the teacher, after all, the environment is rarely conducive to learning.

That’s the problem Superintendent Jesus Jara has had in his interactions with the Clark County Education Association. For the past several months, the union has behaved like a spoiled child. Mr. Jara and district officials have the ability to control this tantrum but haven’t yet done so.