Ohio Teacher Union Officials Keep Contract From Public

Although taxpayers pay for union monopoly bargaining, they are not allowed to see how their money is being spent although teacher union officials are not only allowed to have the proposed contract, but also to keep it under wraps until they are ready to divulge it.  Columbus Education Association officials are keeping a newly-negotiated contract under wraps, embargoed for their members as well as the public, until the day the contract will be voted on.   The school district administration colludes with teacher union officials declaring there are no public records to be kept from the public.  Alissa Widman Neese has the story in the Columbus Dispatch.

Members of the union representing Columbus City Schools teachers are to vote Aug. 25 on a tentative contract agreement with the district.

But the public still doesn’t know what’s included in the agreement that was reached two weeks ago — and neither do the more than 4,000 members the union represents — because the bargaining teams from both sides say they’re intentionally keeping the details secret until the day of the vote.