Chicago Teacher Union Strike Demands = Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

If the Chicago school administrators buckle under Chicago Teachers Union’s (CTU) demands, it could cost the district $452 million.   Brian Butler and Paul Reveille have the story on

CTU presented demands totaling $452 million to Lightfoot and the Chicago Public Schools Board of Education, and has rejected a neutral fact-finder’s contract recommendations, threatening to strike for the third time in seven years if demands are not met, according to the Chicago Tribune. Lightfoot is caught between the threat, CPS’ precarious financial situation and the damage likely if city taxpayers are again asked for more. Chicago taxpayers face the highest debt burden of the 10 most populous cities in the country, according to Truth in Accounting.

An Aug. 11 report by a fact-finder appointed to make recommendations in the stalled negotiations calls for raises totaling 16% over five years, compared to Lightfoot’s original offer of 14% over five years, according to WTTW. CTU is demanding 5% a year, and only wants a three-year contract.