New Indiana Bargaining Law Allows Taxpayers to Be Aware

Indiana teacher union officials are hate a new law which requires bargaining negotiations to be made public across the state.  At least that attempt is being made to inform the public about a process which benefits teacher unions and their officers but is funded by taxpayers.  Nonunion member teachers, who cannot vote on contracts but are nevertheless subject to them, now have a chance to know what they will have to abide by.  Carol Carlson has the story in the

Unions and school districts have a narrow window to hold two public hearings on the bargaining process. Most have already wrapped up the initial hearing.

The first public hearing, held prior to talks, must be completed by next week with negotiations running Sept. 15 through Nov. 15. Once a settlement is reached, the law calls for school boards to discuss the agreement in public at least 72 hours before a ratification vote. the reasons attendance is low.