Pay Gaps and Other Teacher Union Official Tales

This should be required reading for all teachers.  A new shocking report debunks teacher union myths of teacher pay gaps.  As Mike Antonucci points out, teacher union officials are supposedly in the business of improving the pay and benefits of teachers.  So why are they continually putting out PR materials that contradict those aims?  We all know that answer already.  If teacher union officials were doing their job, they would be out of a job.  Here’s the story in

In 2016, HBO ran a limited series titled The Night Of. It was the story of a college student accused of murder. The student informs his lawyer that he wants to tell the truth of what happened, but the lawyer says he doesn’t want to be “stuck with the truth.” He explains how the trial will go:

“They come up with their story. We come up with ours. The jury gets to decide which they like best.”