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Channeling Saul Alinski – Civil Disobedience Tactics

Chicago Teacher Union officials are doing their best to ruin students’ lives and disrupts those who pay their salaries with civil disobedience training, shutting down classes, causing disruption of student athletics, creating traffic jams and other sorts of “uncivil” actions.  Straight out of Saul Alinsky’s bag of tactics.   Check out the story on the Blaze.

Chicago public schools remained closed all week during the most recent Chicago Teachers Union strike, as negotiations entered their second weekend. Meanwhile, the CTU has been providing its member teachers with “civil disobedience training,” indicating that the union may be preparing to use more drastic tactics to get their way in the ongoing negotiations.

The length of this strike has already matched the length of the 2012 teachers strike, and there are indications from both sides that they have still not reached agreement on the “major issues” that led to the strike in the first place. Accordingly, unless a major breakthrough occurs at the negotiating table this weekend, the strike seems likely to continue.