More Teachers Cross Chicago Teachers Union Picket Line

According to Cole Lauterbach in the 400 teachers have crossed the Chicago Teachers Union picket line in protest of their union’s demand they strike.

While we reported on Joseph Ocol, a member of For Kids and Country, an organization of dedicated teachers and supporters who really are in it for students, many more teachers are keeping quiet about their heroism out of fear of retaliation or other reasons.  Chicago Teachers Union president Jesse Sharkey artfully dodges the subject of those who cross the picket line.   Tara Molina of reports.

Those who violate the picket line are called scabs, traitors, or deserters. But some teachers are still risking it all and crossing the picket lines, as CBS 2’s Tara Molina reported Monday night.

Some teachers said they couldn’t afford it anymore. Molina talked to one teacher who would not go on camera, saying they are a single parent living paycheck to paycheck, and are feeling like they don’t have a choice but to return to work at this point. Others believe in what the union is fighting for, but not the way it is fighting.