45th Annual CEAFU Conference Live Tomorrow January 11, 12 PM -3 PM EST

We’ll be talking about lots of interesting stuff this year!

  • Lori Skinner Pack, with the Myron Steves Insurance Solutions, will discuss the tangled web of teacher liability insurance
  • Former Supreme Court plaintiff Rebecca Friedrichs will give us an update on her continuing efforts to free teachers and supply encouraging words for all
  • Nathan McGrath, Vice President and Litigation Director for the Fairness Center, will update their efforts to help Pennsylvania teachers escape teacher union control
  • George Mason Speakers Group Don Boileau, a Right to Work supporter, will discuss classroom communication
  • Foundation Staff Attorney Milton Chappell will discuss the facts about the post-Janus world, dues deduction authorization and resigning
  • Matt Leen, Committee Vice President, will discuss ways to energize your membership to help nonunion groups attract more teachers
  • Committee Vice President Greg Mourad will discuss federal and state legislation of interest to CEAFU supporters.

See you tomorrow!