45th Annual CEAFU Conference Saturday January 11, 2020

Join us for an afternoon about victories in the battle to eradicate compulsory unionism for teachers. The 45th annual CEAFU Conference will take place on Saturday, January 11, 2020. Join us online from 12 PM until 3 PM Eastern Standard Time.

We’ve got a great lineup this year for the CEAFU conference, including several speakers who will be addressing issues near and dear to the hearts of PROFESSIONAL EDUCATOR GROUP LEADERS and freedom-loving teachers everywhere.

Concerned Educators Against Forced Unionism is a Special Project of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, the folks who brought freedom to teachers and other public sector employees. CEAFU was established in 1975 to “take deadly aim against compulsory unionism in education.”

One would think that we would have nothing more to do considering the Foundation-won Janus decision gave all public employees, including teachers, the right to work without having to join or support a labor union. However, union officials are pulling out every single trick in the book, including, particularly, enacting state laws that circumvent Janus. However, the root of compulsory unionism, exclusive representation, has not been eradicated and the Foundation has had to expand its staff to handle the ever-increasing number of cases that have come about as unions try to keep members and nonmembers alike, paying them dues.

This year we will be focusing half on Janus implementation and circumvention, and half on growing our own membership as leaders of independent nonunion educator associations.

Like how to handle teacher union misinformation campaigns about your group and beliefs. How to attract and retain members and donors, and everything you wanted to know about liability insurance. Liability insurance, particularly since the Janus allows teachers to drop their union membership, has become more and more important tool in your independent group toolbox. Teacher unions have always used liability insurance as their biggest hook to get teachers to join and stay. Lori Pak is going to give you all the information you will need to keep up on the latest and showcase your liability insurance package for effective membership recruitment.

  • Lori Skinner Pack, with the Myron Steves Insurance Solutions, will discuss the tangled web of teacher liability insurance.
  • Former Supreme Court plaintiff Rebecca Friedrichs will give us an update on her continuing efforts to free teachers and supply encouraging words for all.
  • Nathan McGrath, Vice President and Litigation Director for the Fairness Center, will update their efforts to help Pennsylvania teachers escape teacher union control.
  • George Mason Speakers Group Don Boileau, a Right to Work supporter, will discuss classroom and colleague to colleague communications skills.
  • Foundation Staff Attorney Milton Chappell will discuss the facts about dues deduction authorization and resigning, as well as the myths teacher union officials try to fob off as facts.
  • Matt Leen, Committee Vice President, will discuss ways to energize your membership to help nonunion groups attract more teachers.
  • Committee Vice President Greg Mourad will discuss federal and state legislation of interest to CEAFU supporters.