Virginia Teachers: Monopoly Bargaining No Bargain

“No man is good enough to govern another without his consent.”  Abraham Lincoln

The Virginia legislature is currently considering legislation which would allow union officials to represent every single teacher in a school regardless of whether that teacher wishes to be represented by that union or not.

Chris Braunlich paints the dismal but realistic picture of how monopoly bargaining ruins academic achievement in

JOSEPH Ocol is the kind of teacher most parents would fight to have teach their daughter. His Chicago girls’ chess team won the national championship in 2016 against 60 other schools, an achievement noted by the mayor, city council, news media and the Congressional Record. And they’ve gone back since then, placing fourth last year.

But back in 2016, the Chicago Teachers Union went on a one-day strike. Ocol decided that if they were to have a chance at winning, his chess team couldn’t afford to take a day off from training. So he skipped the strike to coach his kids.