NEA Plays Politics

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way many unions will conduct their business this year, and it comes at a time when NEA teacher union officials have a lot to accomplish to keep their power.  The changes are especially significant considering this is a presidential election year.    Considering the National Education Association (NEA) has already endorsed Joe Biden for president contrary to the wishes of many NEA members, the effect of the National Right to Work Foundation-won Janus decision on unions’ revenue and colossal loss in the 2016 elections, this year’s convention would have been a massive political fundraising event for the teachers union.   Mike Antonucci reports in

. . .  the union will hold a virtual convention July 2-3 with an agenda limited to three actions:  electing union officers; voting on an endorsement of Joe Biden for president in the November 2020 general election; and approving the union’s budget. All other actions — the legislative program, resolutions, new business items and policy statement amendments — which consume a great part of the four-day assembly will be postponed until 2021.

Some votes will be conducted by mail.  Of particular interest is the political activity, specifically the formal endorsement of Joe Biden for President.mbers.”