Distance Learning – A Temporary Concept or Wave of the Future?

The current pandemic has certainly given a huge boost to all types of distance learning and homeschooling.

Mark Powel, school board member, teacher, vice principal, dean of students and adjunct professor, discusses the positive effect of distance learning in terms of diminishing teacher union power and says distance learning is here to stay for many reasons.   He writes in the Times of San Diego. 

For now, distance learning is the new norm, but it will most likely be around long after the COVID-19 crisis ends.

With the revolution of distance learning, education in San Diego County is entering a new era, one in which it may be challenging for teachers to grasp the notion of leaving the traditional classroom behind. While COVID-19 forced all school districts to implement distance learning, it’s a concept that has already been embraced by colleges and universities, and one that can offer many advantages for local school districts, such as class-size reduction.