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New York Teacher Union Calling for a Campaign against Gorsuch

New York teacher union officials fought hard to enact a law which calls for mandatory monopoly bargaining and compulsory unionism. Every teacher in every New York school district must either join a union or become an agency fee payor.  There is no negotiating when it comes to paying dues for New York teachers.

Considering the facts of mandatory monopoly bargaining and compulsory unionism they fought so hard for, it seems a call for increasing union membership isn’t going to get them very far. Desperate times call for desperate measures so these union officials are calling for a campaign against Neil Gorsuch, whom many believe will be the pivotal vote in the Janus v. AFSCME case. Check the story out in NYSUT Communications.

Just hours after the U.S. Senate confirmed Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, RA delegates overwhelmingly approved a Special Order of Business calling for an all-out educational and mobilization campaign in support of a fair decision on union dues and fees.

“He is an extremist,” said Barbara Bowen, president of Professional Staff Congress, who introduced the Special Order. “His presence on the Supreme Court will lead to a ruling designed to attack public-sector unions, especially teacher unions.”