Newton Strike

Newton Teacher Union Strike Still Ongoing After 11 Days

Today marks 11 days since the Newton Teachers Association initiated its strike on January 19th. That means nearly 12,000 students have been out of class and missing valuable educational time since that date.

And the union doesn’t appear to be backing down anytime soon.

“We are asking the NTA to compromise and collaborate. The School Committee has made multiple revisions and restructured its proposals in response to NTA requests,” the School Committee said in a Friday afternoon statement. “By contrast, the NTA has not moved from its original positions on major issues. We are also asking them to focus on the negotiations and meaningful discussions with real compromise and partnership.”


Union bosses claim they are fighting for “modern, humane parental leave, mental health supports for our kids and a living wage for our behavioral therapists and aides,” but giving in to their demands would require laying off 60 employees within just the first year, plus another 60 over the next five years.

Meanwhile, they’ve wracked up $375,000 in fines and will be hit with $50,000 for each additional day they remain on strike.

The bottom line is that these Union Boss’ public refusal to give in is harmful to everyone. The education and well-being of students have been compromised, while non-union teachers are being forced to work in utter chaos.