Where Has All the Money Gone?

Where has all the money gone?  In one Michigan school district, it’s going to perks for unionized teachers instead of to repairing and improving the dilapidated charter school.  Audrey Spalding has the story in Michigan Capitol Confidential.

Though the Highland Park School District spent $19,634 per pupil in 2010-11, which was the highest in the state, district schools were so mismanaged that they had rodents in the classrooms, holes in the ceilings and walls, and horrendous filth in the bathrooms.

“I [saw] it in the media center,” DeCarlos, a junior at Highland Park Community High School, said of a mouse he saw running along the floor from a nearby room.

“It was terrible,” said Delshon, a senior at HPCHS. “We had to worry if something was going to crawl on us; worry if the ceiling was going to fall in on us.