Will OK Teacher Union Officials Get the Boot?

According to Mike Antonucci, it’s not likely.  However Oklahoma teachers have many choices to satisfy their professional needs, like Professional Oklahoma Educators. Professional Oklahoma Educators is a non-union, nonpartisan professional association for all school personnel. Members receive professional liability insurance, legal services, and lobbying representation. It is our commitment to these valuable services that makes POE a positive and unmatched option for education employees in today’s teaching environment. With a Right to Work law teachers have the freedom to choose or refrain from union representation.

While Oklahoma Teachers United leaders are threatening to affiliate with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), their logic is flawed, simply trading one set of union officials for another.  If he thinks AFT union officials will not spend dues money on country club dues, he is most likely sadly mistaken.

Here’s the story in Intercepts.

The emergence of teacher groups organized mostly outside of the union structure is one of the most surprising aspects of this year’s protests. Connected through Facebook, these groups have either supplemented or supplanted formal union leadership of the walkouts.

“No strategy was developed or communicated to measure progress during the OEA walkout,” reads the list of charges posted on Facebook.